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"She is completely in the moment from an acting point of view and at the same time, her vocal production is such that there is a certain aspect of joy underneath it. Her ability to do both things is why it works so well."

                                     - Stephen Schwartz, Lyricist & Composer

"Her grace and beauty make it hard to focus anywhere else onstage. "
- Front Row Reviewers

"Santina Umbach -- one of the relationships in the play that I felt I could feel with -- the nuance and depth of that relationship radiated. "

                                                             - Stage Buddy

"Umbach combines a totally spaced-out stare with endearing childish naivety and mannerisms to make the character disturbingly natural and funny in an unforced way. "

                                                             - The Arts Fuse

"‘Pieces’ performed by Santina Umbach exemplified Walter’s finest sonic expressions of elegiac, passionate, and metaphysical delights. Embracing the venue, Umbach began singing while seated, transforming her posture, facial expressions and sounds to convey emotions, conviction, and vulnerability. Umbach drew spellbound attention as she deeply connected with an entranced audience. She wryly noted as listeners nodded, “He needs time, and I need space.”"
                                                                      - Opening Night Online


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